Course: Electronics I (ES 231)
Section: 001
Fall, 2014


Instructor:  Jack Ou, Ph.D.
Office Location: Salazar Hall 2010B
Telephone: (707) 664 3462
Email:jack.ou AT sonoma DOT edu
Office Hours: :  MW 10:30-11:00, TTH 3:30 to 4:00
Class Days/Time: T 1-3:40
Classroom: Salazar Hall 2005
Co-requisites: ES 230

Course Description
Laboratory work to accompany ES 230. Computer assisted design of electronic circuits involving devices such as diodes and transistors. Design, building and testing of electronic circuits such as filters, oscillator, amplifiers, etc.

Required Text:  Jack Ou, lab manual for ES231.   

Simulation Model files/Design Library:
1n4001, 2n3906, 2n3904, ald1106, ald1107
Cadence Design Library, excel tutorial

Supplies Used in this Course:
Laboratory Supplies (Required, supplies you should have gotton in ES221. You are responsible for getting these components. You are not required to buy from the same suppliers. You may split the cost with your lab partner.)

Discrete Components (Optional, Components on this list will be provided by the department. This list is provided here for students who wish to get their own components)

Final grade (pdf)